Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - 2 LP
Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - 2 LP

Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - 2 LP

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Along with the release of their fourth studio album “Rough Times”, the band went back on the road and performed their new work on a five-week tour through Europe together with label mates MANTAR and Netherland´s newcomers DEATH ALLEY. With their relentless drive to play live and deliver ecstatic jams, KADAVAR have managed to surpass the expectations of their audience with every time around.

Since their first appearance in Copenhagen at HEAVY DAYS IN DOOMTOWN in 2013, Denmark´s capitol and especially the charm of the audience has always entranced the band and resulted in powerful performances, not uncommonly followed by savage nights. Their boisterous set at Pumpehuset in November 2017 left the cheering audience spellbound and deaf.

Side A
01. Skeleton Blues
02. Doomsday Machine
03. Pale Blue Eyes
04. Wormhole

Side B
01. The Old Man
02. Die Baby Die
03. Black Sun
04. Living In Your Head

Side C
01. Into The Night
02. Forgotten Past
03. Tribulation Nation

Side D
01. Purple Sage
02. All Our Thoughts
03. Come Back Life